Onboarding software that ensures new team members thrive

Agility and speed are key factors for successful onboarding.

With employee tenure norms shifting, competing for talent increasing, and urgent needs to bring people up to speed quickly, HireRoad ensures that new employees are hired for fit and cultural affinity, are connected to their teams and colleagues, and equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their jobs.

Connected from the start

A sense of belonging and clearly understanding where a person ‘fits’ drives performance. 

Our software connects people to their organization no matter where they’re working or what ‘classification’ of employee they are:

  • Manage documents and new hire paperwork from one centralized place
  • Connect new hires to teams, hiring managers, and stakeholders
  • Automate hiring manager’s checklists and tasks

Keeps candidates informed, interested, and connected all the way through the process.

Mark O’Brien, HR Systems & Data Manager, Cardiff & Vale College