Acendre’s dedication to total interoperability ensures that customers can integrate any current or future 3rd-party system with our talent management solution.

Whether a payroll system or any other HR Information System, any data can be imported and exported between systems through streamlined integration via Acendre’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

talent management solution
talent management solution


Through seamless integration, any data can be easily integrated into the Acendre system to align with candidates, employees and positions. The result is faster and more efficient onboarding of new employees, increased employee engagement, cost reductions, reduced manual errors and data handling and consistency of data integrity across your HR technology solutions – a single source of truth across your HR ecosystem as integrated platforms are kept up-to-date via the Acendre APIs.

Import APIs

Acendre accepts information from other HR systems and other talent management systems to improve the efficiency of your HR ecosystem, allowing various actions to be easily automated. This includes information about positions and position details, as well as data such as cost center codes, divisions, business units, locations and more. Our powerful APIs also make it easy and seamless to change from any talent management to the Acendre talent management solution.

Export Data

Data from the Acendre system can be exported to automatically populate a customer’s system with candidate or position data including candidate pre-employment details (e.g. tax, banking, emergency contact information and more), requests for tools, technology and equipment required by the new employee and job requisition information. Data can be exported to any 3rd-party system through automatic triggers.

Developer Portal

The Acendre Developer Portal gives customers streamlined access to the Acendre Partner Cloud, which provides customers and HR technology integrators with access to its robust Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This ability to simplify the interoperability between Acendre solutions and other systems used by customers helps Acendre customers in their modernization efforts through consolidation and integration of their HR infrastructure. The Acendre APIs help customers save time and money while enhancing data integrity.

Visit the Acendre Developer Portal here.

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