In the competition for talent, there’s no room for guesswork in any aspect of your human capital strategy.

Acendre’s exclusive planning and analytics engine gives your organization insight into all aspects of your workforce. The ability to discern and correct all processes, while putting analytics in the hands of all stakeholders, is critical to organizations being able to operate efficiently and compete in a future of needing to do more with less.

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Executive and Operational Insight

Your organization’s senior executives can’t be burdened with complicated reports and a sea of disconnected data. Acendre’s people analytics capabilities provide insightful yet easy-to-read dashboards and reports to help make better, faster decisions to improve workforce planning and performance. Similarly, dashboards and reports are available to your HR department to help make improvements to all aspects of your HR strategies and operations, including workforce planning, recruitment, onboarding, performance, and development.

Real-Time Reporting

Our exclusive InstantView™ provides real-time analysis and reporting across all your people data. Whether looking to gain an understanding of future workforce levels, which recruitment techniques are working best or who are your most engaged employees, the data you need is at your fingertips – and always up-to-date.

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Acendre believes your people data should be accessible and usable to everyone in your organization with a need to know – and without the need for a data scientist. Sophisticated as well as non-technical users can simply drag and drop elements through an easy-to-use interface to create powerful dashboards and reports to gain insight into the information that’s important to them.