How to be the data-driven, forward thinking HR function your university needs.

There’s a whole new world coming for Human Resources in the Australian university sector. A chance to contribute more strategically and prove the role the function plays in university success. But with day-to-day administration stealing your focus, how do you make the time?

Find out the answer in our practical guide to HR transformation.

Accelerate university

Pinpoint where transformation can help HR support the overall strategy of the university to deliver greater value.

Unlock the promise
of technology

Reduce the effort with technology that acts as the cornerstone of an effective HR function.

Build a framework for transformation

Personalized portals provide access via any device. Learning flows naturally as your people move from site to site, or around the world.

Gain insights to inform
and influence

Easily scale learning from an individual to enterprise level, extending the reach and scope of learning whenever it’s required.

Transactional HR responsibilities like recruitment, training, and performance monitoring are still as important as ever. But today, HR is under pressure to deliver more in the form of capabilities that shape organisational strategy rather than support it. High-performing universities have invested in modern cloud-based technology, enabling their transformation to meet these demands. With rising expectations of HR, it’s not a question of when you make the change, but how.

Creating the HR function of the future

In this free guide you will learn:

  • Why starting with your university strategy is key
  • The role of technology in effective transformation
  • The benefits of digital HR
  • A practical framework to achieve HR transformation
  • How to access data to inform and influence
  • The functional metrics that matter
  • How to manage security and compliance
  • What to consider when choosing a technology partner

Transform the way you approach your potential and begin your journey towards becoming a data-driven, strategic HR partner