Acendre Corporate Overview

Acendre is a worldwide leader of secure cloud-based talent management solutions. At Acendre we understand that people are the foundation of all organizations and its most important investment. Your ability to attract, retain and develop your workforce should not be hampered by your talent management solution — even in the most complex hiring, performance and development environments.

With legacy systems resulting in inefficiencies and holding back critical human capital advances in an environment that is more competitive than ever, organizations look to Acendre to provide the innovation required to compete in today’s talent wars. Acendre provides unmatched flexibility and configurability to help organizations execute their talent management strategies. You will not only significantly decrease both the time to hire and time to productivity, but also retain the talent you have invested in with innovative performance and learning solutions.

Agile Talent Management

Acendre’s solutions suite allows organizations to take an agile approach to talent management. The suite provides world-class people analytics reporting, unrivaled user-configurable workflow, and a platform design to ensure even the most complex talent management requirements can be met today and in the future.

Public Sector and Regulated Industry Expertise

Acendre’s offering was developed to specifically solve the unique challenges that the public sector and other regulated industries face when it comes to Talent Management. From rigorous security and compliance requirements to complex regulatory mandates and audit trails our clients rely on our highly configurable solution to meet their specific needs.

Acendre’s Talent Management suite helps large enterprises in the following workforce areas:

1. Recruitment

Acendre offers a fast and secure cloud-based talent acquisition solution that adapts to your unique workflows. Acendre brings you the power to utilise people analytics and automation to execute the recruitment process specific to your organization. Today’s fast-paced and competitive environment requires you to find the best talent, in the shortest amount of time – regardless of the specifications for your industry.

Acendre Recruitment first starts by securely enforcing existing hiring processes developed by your HR department. This makes reporting and decision-making for hiring managers more fluid and self-sufficient. We further simplify the recruitment process through configurable features. Some of these features include PDF packaging, a position description library, automatic application form creation, a talent warehouse and integrations with job boards. With automation, security and compliance, and interoperability, our talent acquisition solution makes for the most powerful yet simple solution on the market.

2. Onboarding

Hiring and onboarding high-quality talent can be costly, which is why it is even more important to ensure new employees receive an enjoyable, productive and swift onboarding experience. Built-in configurability and flexibility ensure that Acendre Onboarding adapts to your specific processes and business rules. This provides complete visibility across recruitment and onboarding processes to support both a centralized and decentralized environment. Our easy-to-use Onboarding solution is backed by an exclusive workflow engine that coordinates with your organization’s existing onboarding processes.

Through our Onboarding solution you can fully configure your workflows to support information sharing between other systems. Management is also streamlined with analytics and reporting across the entire onboarding process. These can be found on recruiter and hiring manager dashboards that are configurable to your organization’s specific needs.

3. Performance

With the proper implementation of solid hiring and onboarding processes for new talent, the next step for continued success is to manage their work performance. Acendre Performance helps you to securely develop, retain, and reward your best people to achieve your organization’s goals and mission. Detailed reporting dashboards filled with performance metrics and analytics will provide powerful talent performance insight, enabling timely and accurate decision making for your organization. Our solution pairs automation with people analytics in order to engage and align employees with their respective managers to allow for ongoing interaction and success. Your performance review process can only be streamlined with our unique workflow engine and solutions.

4. Development

Acendre Learning has been carefully designed to seamlessly blend the most advanced eLearning technology with time-tested conventional training methods, all within a rich learning ecosystem that fosters collaboration and communication. Our responsive solution combines online, virtual, and classroom training to deliver a variety of teaching methods. Whether you need to administer new employee orientation, provide product or compliance training, or develop your employees Acendre Learning allows you to deploy, manage, and track any method of training within your integrated learning program. Insights on your learning programs are provided through our advanced reporting capabilities which include flexible ad-hoc reporting, advanced filtering, and reporting widgets.