Maroondah City Council Case Study

The City of Maroondah (based in Melbourne’s outer east) is a municipality that blends the best of both city and country lifestyle and facilities. Maroondah City Council employs over 950 employees across a broad range of disciplines to service a substantially developed residential municipality with over 105,000 residents.

Business Challenge

Before implementing the Acendre system, Maroondah City Council managed their recruitment process manually. As a result, recruiters spent excessive time on HR administrative activities, rather than sourcing top talent. On average, 106 positions were being filled per year which required an average of 30 hours of recruitment administration per week. Maroondah City Council’s HR Advisor Rebecca Pietrzykowski stated “The biggest problems we were facing as a department involved the lack of efficiency of the HR processes, and the time it was taking to complete these processes.”

Acendre Recruitment Solution

Rebecca recognised an opportunity to transfer the processes online, and after researching several HR software providers, it was decided that Acendre Recruitment was best suited to the organisation’s needs. Acendre was selected to be Council’s HR software provider due to the following factors:

  • System range and capabilities
  • User friendliness
  • Excellent security and data backup
  • Company reputation
  • Cost benefits.

“After careful consideration of a number of HR software providers, it was obvious that Acendre would be best suited to our organisation. The flexibility demonstrated and capabilities of the system made our decision easy” Rebecca discussed.

Maroondah City Council reduces total recruitment administration hours by 62%

Immediately following implementation, it was noted that Council was maximizing its return on investment and improving efficiency for administrators, system users and candidates. Prior to automating the processes, Maroondah City Council was spending three times more on recruitment administration hours per week. Rebecca stated “This saving in time has enabled us to focus on increasing our customer service to our internal and external stakeholders, whilst the cost saving continues to fund the implementation of a Workforce Planning Strategy to attract and retain skilled talent”.

Maroondah City Council has been continuously introducing modules to enhance its Acendre Recruitment system and improve its processes. It has also used the system in ways they did not predict. Rebecca discussed how it had been able to maximise its use of Acendre Recruitment by building in exit interviews, casual pools, as well as a change of status functionality. Using the Acendre Recruitment system for these has significantly accelerated the process. Maroondah’s Human Resources Officer Samantha Bradley added “We expected to significantly reduce our costs and recruitment administration hours but we didn’t realise how we would be benefited in so many other ways”.

“Relationships and efficiency around recruitment activities has significantly enhanced since the introduction of Acendre Recruitment.”

–Rebecca Pietrzykowski