Fair Work Ombudsman Case Study

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) is an independent statutory authority created by the Fair Work Act 2009 to promote harmonious, productive and cooperative workplace relations and ensure compliance with Commonwealth workplace laws. FWO has approximately 800 employees located throughout Australia.

Business Challenge

Prior to implementing Acendre Recruitment, FWO utilised the JobOffice system to facilitate a predominantly manual recruitment process. FWO’s geographically dispersed workforce and manual processing problems were resulting in a lengthy recruitment process that often exceeded 70 days.

Senior HR Advisor – Diversity and Inclusion, Gary Absolom explained, “We needed an online recruitment system that was streamlined, transparent, able to be utilised across the organisation and configurable to existing systems. Acendre Recruitment fit our criteria perfectly.”

“The choice to partner with Acendre was easy. They have a wealth of experience that enabled us to drastically improve our organisation’s recruitment efficiency.”

–Gary Absolom, Senior HR Advisor Diversity and Inclusion

Why FWO partnered with Acendre

Gary explained that of all the recruitment solutions they explored Acendre Recruitment simply and easily met FWO’s need for a system that was easily configurable to their processes.

“The added bonus was that Acendre is the most common platform used across the APS, therefore there is a strong APS user community. No other vendor could meet our diverse needs as well as Acendre could,” Gary said.

“Not only was Acendre Recruitment easy to personalise and had potential to integrate with our other systems, it was also a transparent, and configurable solution. The system can be easily adapted to changing recruitment methods and practices.”

Another deciding factor was that the approval process for continued partnering with Acendre was much faster than if FWO were to look at using other vendor’s systems, as 91% of Federal Government departments currently use Acendre.

“Not only did this make the approval process quicker and easier it also removed the need for a lengthy tender process and gave us peace of mind that we were partnering with a tried and tested solution by organisations similar to ours.”

“Another key benefit of Acendre Recruitment is the reduced environmental impact through creating a complete paperless recruitment process. It also creates a secure record keeping space and reduces internal network drive space” Gary added.

“Acendre Recruitment has not only improved our recruitment process it has also provided us with transparency and helped us transcend former geographical limitations.”

–Gary Absolom, Senior HR Advisor Diversity and Inclusion

Reduced our time to fill 45%

Prior to Acendre Recruitment, it was hard to measure how long it took to take a candidate from requisition commencement through to completing onboarding documents as the forms and processes were offline and manual. There also weren’t any significant measuring tools built into their system. That has all changed now thanks to Acendre Recruitment.