Four Key Elements for Optimal Cloud-Based Performance Management Programs

cloud based performance management programs

Gone are the days of pen and paper reviews. New cloud-based performance management solutions have eliminated the tedium of maintaining the paper employee files and appraisal. Now, employees and managers engage in an ongoing and more interactive, positive experience. Modern work teams look ahead to new ways to develop models of success without getting bogged down in paperwork. Through optimal software solutions such as cloud-based performance management systems, organizations can implement timely employee assessments and evaluations.

What should an organization look for when reviewing a cloud-based performance management solution?

User experience and workflow

If you implement a solution that requires weeks of detailed training to operate, you’ll find few within your organization willing to add it to their workflow. Any new application needs to have an ease of implementation. There should never be a struggle to use the system and exploit all its capabilities potential benefits. Ideally, its interface is comparable to software that your users use in their daily life: configurability and adaptability to current workflow provide improved flexibility throughout the organization.  

The cloud-based solution model should be always ‘on,’ providing instant access and feedback and review at any time. Employees and managers, alike, should be able to interact with the appraisal process year-round, not just once a year. The process should be adaptable to the needs of the organization and the employees. It should allow the employee to manage their goals, highlights and career objectives. It should provide a platform for the manager to modify specific mission objectives for team members, and align individual goals with organizational goals.

Data-Driven Decisions

Cloud-based performance management systems should provide clear measurements of employee goals and performance that can easily be interpreted and adjusted as requirements change. Quality systems should provide key data that can be integrated with additional data indicators to create a competent layered review. The cloud-based performance management tool allows human resources to follow any employee from recruitment to onboarding, from career development to the completion of the employee’s tenure.

With an adaptive program design and out-of-the-box capability, the cloud-based performance management system should allow for ease of use and a simple, yet powerful analytics reports. Usability allows management decisions to be proactive and forward-thinking. The application should be able to give you constructive, timely data to support decisions.


HR teams need a high-performance system that not only allows for simplicity of use but provides a high quality of service. You require a program that provides the cloud software solution that operates seamlessly within the technological infrastructure that is already in place while maximizing interoperability. To increase the value added to your team, look for a platform that integrates all talent management functions, including core HR and payroll. Read the recent case study of the US Department of Agriculture’s human resource success by adapting Acendre’s cloud-based talent management program and see how this program is elevating the human resource standards.

Security and Compliance

Data breaches happen so it is critical that you have the most up-to-date secure system that is supported by a qualified, diligent team. Top quality cloud-based performance management programs should provide organizations with the highest security solutions meeting requirements to keep personal and personnel data secure. Look for tools that are  FedRAMP authorized (U.S.) or IRAP compliant (Australia).

These four critical elements will ensure that your cloud-based talent performance management system is providing optimal performance from your software and your team.

Acendre is pioneering cloud-based technology to help organizations excel. Contact us today to speak with our team to see how we can deliver optimal performance management software for your team.

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