The Benefits of Successful UX Design

benefits of successful UX design

The term “UX” has been around for a long time and yet questions like: “Why is user experience important?” and “Why is UX design important?” are still asked all the time, especially during a product’s design process. I want to discuss a bit about the benefits of investing in User Experience (UX) design and why it’s so important. As the one who oversees UX design for Acendre’s HR technology products, I find it critical.

Building a digital product or service is important for an organization of any kind. Organizations require unique, clean and aesthetically pleasing interfaces, appealing content, and well-crafted marketing strategies to promote their web and mobile products and services. In the world of building and promoting, we sometimes forget that fancy animations, unique content and catchy ads should be backed by great User Experience design. Overall, great UX design makes a product easy and pleasant to use, resulting in increased usage, better workforce performance and customer satisfaction.

UX design is important because it attempts to fulfill the user’s needs. It aims to provide positive experiences that keep users loyal to the product or brand. Additionally, a meaningful user experience allows you to define customer journeys on your product that are most conducive to business success.

As UX professionals, we design applications, systems and services for users with the intention of ensuring an interactive experience that is as easy as possible to use. The role of the designer is to create a highly usable product by making the user’s tasks as easy as possible to complete and smoothing out the transitions between those tasks.

UX designers focus on maximizing the user’s positive feelings, satisfaction, motivation, efficiency and productivity when using a product, service or app. When users become frustrated, they cannot concentrate on their goals and they might lose their desire to use a product altogether. UX and usability ensure that products don’t exceed the user’s mental and physical capabilities. Because of this, UX professionals have developed design principles and guidelines that are based on these human factors. We have learned a lot about the psychology of the user experience through usability testing and analytics.

As UX professionals, we bring our ability to gather feedback that enables a product team to create and or improve a successful product.  It is our job to open and keep open the lines of communication between us, the designers, business and the developers so that we can all envision how the designs are implemented, which will help to create an even more cost- and time-efficient development process.

The better you understand your users’ needs and wants, and the product needed to address those needs, the better your team can estimate product design, development LOE (Level of Effort) and costs. A product’s and service’s sales will increase when, not only are the users satisfied, but so too are the stakeholders, corporate leadership, business and developers.

It is extremely important for organizations to know the benefits of good UX and usability. At Acendre, our goal is to continually develop more of an awareness of UX in order to generate productive outcomes for our customers, improve our users’ lives, ease our users’ interactions and keep them coming back for more!

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