Acendre’s secure, cloud-based integrated federal talent management system simplifies HR complexities and regulations to provide data-based insight into your organizations’ unique people challenges and problems. Our highly configurable solutions automate time-consuming HR tasks and reduce costs, while improving planning, hiring, quality of your hires and the performance of your workforce.


Features of Integrated Talent Management

Our highly configurable Integrated Talent Management solutions automate time-consuming HR tasks and reduces costs, while improving planning, hiring, quality of your hires and the performance of your workforce.

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Workforce Planning

Acendre Workforce Planning helps you make improved workforce planning decisions to enhance your hiring, management and retention strategies with powerful executive dashboards and reports. Powerful, insightful analytics provide the clarity you need to answer your most pressing workforce questions and solve your problem of accurately predicting your future workforce needs.

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Acendre Recruitment helps you build a talented team quickly and efficiently. Its configurability and flexibility adapts to your unique requirements and lets you reduce repetitive administrative tasks and reduce costs.

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Acendre Onboarding ensures your new employees are productive and contributing to your organization’s goals from Day One. The critical new hire experience is enhanced by helping new team members become quickly acclimated to your corporate culture and can readily access the resources needed to ensure their success.

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Performance and Succession

Acendre Performance and Succession streamlines your performance and appraisal processes to align individual and team goals with your organizational goals so you meet organization objectives through continuous feedback and engagement. Evaluate your workforce’s skills and competencies, then implement development and succession plans to ensure any future gaps can be readily filled.

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Learning and Development

Acendre Learning moves beyond traditional, boring learning and development solutions with an LMS that quickly delivers targeted training courses aimed at onboarding talent, increasing engagement, fostering collaboration, improving skills, achieving compliance, accelerating performance and advancing individual career growth.

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People Analytics

Acendre People Analytics help you make better, faster, data-driven decisions across your workforce. The secure, cloud-based tool provides unique insight into recruitment, onboarding, workforce planning, performance management, succession planning and employee development.

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The Benefits of Integrated Talent Management

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Improved Hiring

With a system that adapts to your unique needs, you’ll reduce time to hire, attract higher quality candidates, reduce administrative tasks and save money.

Improved Workforce Performance

With streamlined and improved performance management, employee engagement and performance will improve.

Enhanced Knowledge and Engagement

Targeted training ensures employees get the training they need to improve their skills and become more engaged and invested in their career development.

Actionable Insight

Improved decision making through robust analytics and reporting help you identify bottlenecks to improve workforce performance, while gaining insight into hiring, performance, engagement and retention.

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Australian Taxation Office Case Study

Case Study

“With Acendre, our ability to refine our process really added to the candidate and delegate experience, and improved overall efficiencies in terms of time to fill and cost. But that’s just the beginning.” Donna Ross – Executive Director

Large public organisations sometimes have a reputation for bureaucracy. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is breaking that mold, thanks to Acendre’s cutting-edge recruitment software that allows the ATO to continuously innovate and improve.

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