Program Reality Check: The In-game Adjustment

A Sports Team Analogy on Talent Acquisition: Step 3 Your talent management team has searched for the right people and established processes which keep their key players moving forward, but what happens when the blueprint needs adjustments? Whether you’re playing a doubles match in tennis... [+] Read More

Establish Goals and Objectives: Game Time

hiring goals and objectives

A Sports Team Analogy on Talent Acquisition: Step 2 Now that the team has established a focused strategy to understand who its key players are, it’s time to look at game time goals and objectives. With every play, each team faces new challenges. It is... [+] Read More

IBM Teams with Acendre to Launch a New Era of Smarter Hiring

Acendre partners with IBM

The next generation of hiring solutions is here. Smarter hiring from the combined power of Acendre Recruitment and IBM. The Power of Two – Acendre and IBM Acendre and IBM Kenexa have teamed to form a partnership that helps organizations not only reduce time to... [+] Read More

The Starting Lineup: Identifying Stakeholders

A Sports Team Analogy on Talent Acquisition: Step 1 In order to establish the best gameplan for talent acquisition, start with understanding who will be part of your full team roster and who are the influencers in the process. Establishing team accountability will ensure team... [+] Read More

OPM Security Solutions

OPM Security

Concerned or confused about OPM security breaches? Secure HR solutions from Acendre are here.... [+] Read More

Right on, Suzette Kent — Modernize to Up Your Agency’s Security Game

We’ve spoken and written often about the need to update legacy HR (and other) systems with modern systems that are more secure. Of course, the benefits extend beyond security and include cost savings, configurability, interoperability and more. But the security angle is huge. And in... [+] Read More

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