We’re Growing – Come Be Part of our Story

We've got the wind at our back and we're looking for Washington DC's brightest to help us keep moving forward! If you've got the skill and the will to be a part of our growing team that's changing federal talent management, get in touch with... [+] Read More

People Analytics – Reimagined People Insight

As HR organizations begin the process of implementing analytics - or even think about implementing analytics - in their daily tasks and processes, they can begin to see the transformative power analytics can ultimately bring to the HR organization. But often, even this initial foray... [+] Read More

People Analytics – Fast and Personalized Talent Management Insight

There's probably as much trepidation surrounding people analytics as there is interest in the topic. One would be hard pressed to find an executive or senior HR professional wanting to make the case that data and analytics should not be part of an organization's decision... [+] Read More

Talent Management – Let’s Talk

We want to meet! So across the globe, we're reaching out. The entire Acendre team - including executives, Client Advisors, Consultants, Technical Support and Business Development teams -- wants to listen to our users and to other HR leaders and professionals. We're looking forward to... [+] Read More

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