Onboarding Datasheet

Onboarding: Automating tasks to ensure new employee success

With the high cost of hiring new employees and the shortage of high-quality talent, it is more important than ever to ensure new employees receive an enjoyable, productive and swift onboarding experience. Acendre Onboarding helps your new hires have a positive experience from the moment they accept your offer.

Built-in configurability and flexibility ensures Acendre Onboarding adapts to your processes and business rules – not the other way around. Acendre Onboarding provides complete visibility across your recruitment and onboarding processes and the ability to support both a centralized or decentralized environment.

Powerful workflow management allows new hires, managers and executives to interact during the approval, offer and onboarding process, while insightful recruiter, hiring manager and executive dashboards provide fast, easy access to insightful information.


  • Exclusive, out-of-the-box workflow engine lets your organization keep its existing onboarding processes

Ease of Use

  • Simple, modern interface provides smooth mobile access to all capabilities for new hires, managers and executives


  • High configurability aligns with your processes to drive usability, quality and efficiency


  • Full interoperability with any other payroll, HRIS, hiring, performance or learning and management systems ensures wide acceptance and fast implementation



  • Supports all hire types (new hires, re-hires, redeployment, contract variations)
  • Branded, tailored offer letters and contracts
  • Management of offer and contract review and approval, even from mobile devices


  • Full flexibility for new hire acceptance and documentation, including mobile devices
  • Multiple forms to capture candidate acceptance and onboarding
  • Unlimited branded employment contracts

Workflow Management

  • Fully configurable offer, approval and onboarding workflows
  • Supports various offers, offer approval and onboarding workflows
  • Single sign on for managers and approvers
  • Easy sharing of new employee information with other systems

Analytics and Reporting

  • Insightful, easy-to-understand analytics across entire onboarding process
  • Configurable recruiter and hiring manager onboarding dashboards and reports
  • KPI-based reports with at-a-glance visual indicators
  • Complete date and time audit trail

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