Improving your Agency’s Employee Engagement

Step 1: Identify the stakeholders

Identify all the individuals that are involved in engaging with employees, including employees, HR, managers and other leaders.

Step 2: Establish goals and objectives

Set goals so you are able to measure the success of your engagement efforts. This might include the frequency and type of interaction, feedback processes, identification of high and low performers, individual goals, team goals, and an improved performance culture within your agency.

Step 3: Program reality check

Understand where you are today and where you want to be regarding employee feedback and employee-manager interaction. By establishing a baseline, you’ll be in position to understand how your improvements are working later.

Step 4: Bridging the gap

Understand the people that will be needed to improve engagement, along with current processes in place and available technology, if any, to assist. You’ll need to analyze the feedback and act upon it where you can, and compare to the baseline established earlier. Then, continually communicate feedback and resulting changes to employees so they understand their feedback is taken seriously. This action will further help engagement, as employees see real change implemented.

Step 5: Providing success with data

With the foundation established, we can now move forward with reporting, analytics, predictive analytics and insight to achieve success in streamlining the agency’s hiring process.

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