Federal Performance Mandate Webinar

Go From Legacy Systems to Automated Appraisals

Even top federal agencies can be overwhelmed by their outdated systems and processes, putting a dent in their initiatives to create a high-performing workforce.

While there are many lofty goals federal HR and human capital leaders are prioritizing, much of transformation begins with automation to save money, improve employee performance and improve productivity. And once automation is in place, the more ambitious goals become attainable.

This webinar featured a federal leadership panel that will discuss the updates your peers have regarding performance appraisal automationperformance management solutions and secure, modern technology to help agencies achieve their missions.

This webinar took a deep dive into:

  • Hearing how your peers are helping agencies ultimately improve the performance of their employees—saving time and money to boot
  • Benchmarking where you fall in terms of readiness to help build a business case if you’re lagging behind
  • Creating a lean, accountable and high-performing organization

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