Blueprint for Implementing Federal People Analytics in your Agency

The case for implementing federal people analytics in your agency

The value of data and people analytics to federal human resources organizations is almost unarguable. Data can give agencies the information they need to understand what makes people join, stay and succeed in their agencies.

This blueprint is a high-level guide for federal human capital leaders to understand the value of people analytics and how it can help your agency.

  1. What People Analytics Delivers
    • Real-time insight into hiring, employee performance, workforce, processes and human capital expenditures
    • Improved agency performance through improved employee performance, engagement and leadership development
    • Faster and enhanced decision making
    • Reduced costs through improved processes, more efficient workflow and elimination of redundancies
  2. How People Analytics is Delivered
    • Tailored dashboards and reports for senior executives, HR managers, HR Specialists and line managers
    • Historical reports for trend analysis
    • Predictive analytics for workforce planning
  3. How People Analytics Helps Recruitment and Onboarding
    • Attract better talent
    • Reduce time to hire
    • Reduce hiring costs
    • Increase pool of qualified candidates
    • Locate top talent
    • Improve workflow processes
    • Allocate recruitment costs more effectively
    • Onboard employees faster and more effectively
  4. How People Analytics Helps Performance
    • Enhance employee, team and agency performance
    • Improve employee engagement
    • Improve employee retention rates
    • Enhance organizational efficiency
    • Locate top performers
    • Improve understanding and prediction of skill gaps
    • Identify future leaders
    • Help project workforce needs

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