Blueprint for Data-Driven Decisions

The Federal Government is constantly on the hunt for well qualified candidates to join their workforce. But challenges are rife in this endeavor. The Government faces stiff competition from the private sector, must operate with often complex and lengthy hiring processes that go through inflexible legacy and disparate hiring systems that provide limited visibility and insight into workforce planning needs, let alone real data to make the hiring process more efficient and effective. In this guide, we outline the steps for a data-driven approach to talent acquisition, where hiring becomes a strategic mission based on data and insights, and not a firefighting stop gap solution to workforce planning.

Step 1 – Identify The Stakeholders

Identify  all individuals that are involved in the recruitment and appointing of candidates who are accountable for the success of the program. It is different from agency to agency. Ensure each stakeholder sees the value of the program.

Step2 – Establish Goals and Objectives

Set goals or KPl’s, so that you are able to measure the success of the program.  Ask yourself: What are my quantitative goals? What are my qualitative goals?

Step3 – Program Reality Check

Get a clear picture of where you are today versus where you want to be. What is currently working for you? And conversely, what is not? Are you able to access the information that you need to be efficient and effective?

Step 4 – Bridging The Gap

People, Processes, Technology:

The 3 essential considerations of any operation. In order to bridge the gap, we need to take an audit of where we are in these 3 components.

We need to ask ourselves:

  • Do we have the right people in place?
  • Are the processes today enabling us to be efficient and effective? Do they allow us to collect the data that we need?
  • Are our current technology and systems able to support our mission? Are they able to collect and analyze the data that we want, and give us the insights and reports that we need to move forward?

Step 5 – Proving Success With Data

Now that we are all set to move in the right direction, what do we need to do?

  1. Reporting – What has happened?
  2. Analytics – Why has it happened?
  3. Predictive Analytics – What can happen in the future?

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