Federal hiring is complex. Without help, it’s also time consuming and expensive.

Agencies traverse a daunting landscape of finding and attracting talented and skilled people, hiring them and keeping them engaged and performing at a high level.

But, the complex and time-consuming work is not complete once an acceptable candidate has been identified. To ensure a positive experience for candidates, new employees, HR and hiring managers, you need to easily track a selected candidate’s progress through tentative offer letter to Entry on Duty (EOD).

The challenge after certificate creation

Numerous verifications, background checks and exams not only take time but require additional time to process and record results. This information is either cumbersome or cannot be handled at all in traditional recruitment and hiring solutions. This results in extra time, more expense and a delay in hiring and onboarding qualified candidates.

Acendre Recruitment helps agencies automate post-Certificate processing to reduce costs, eliminate manual tasks and speed the hire of candidates. While OPM has established guidelines to fill a job vacancy, from Request for Personnel Action (SF-52) to onboarding a new employee, many agencies struggle to meet OPM hiring-time goals. This hinders the federal government’s ability to hire the talent it needs.

“The government-wide average time to hire is over 100 days vs. 23 days in the private sector.”

– Government Executive

“The use of automated hiring systems is increasingly necessary. There is no realistic alternative; manual, paper-based hiring processes are too burdensome, labor-intensive, and costly to be practical on a large scale.”

– Report to the President and the Congress of the United States by the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board

Acendre Recruitment’s configurable workflow engine addresses your unique post-Certificate needs:

  • Configurable workflow engine easily adapts to your agency’s specific post-Certificate processes.
  • People Analytics engine provides executive, management and HR insight into your post-Certificate hiring process.
  • FedRAMP Authorization ensures your IT and security teams’ requirements are met to allow you to begin processing quickly.