Acendre Learning

Upskill your talent and keep them engaged with Acendre

Acendre Learning is a powerful, flexible, and innovative new learning platform that supports enterprise workforce capability planning with training that’s tailored to the individual.

Build a learning culture

Create and sustain a learning culture. Customise learning that fits your business and encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Tailored, individualised training

Options for one-on-one coaching, virtual classrooms, and community forums mean staff choose how, when, and where they learn.

Learn anytime, anywhere

Personalised portals provide access via any device. Learning flows naturally as your people move from site to site, or around the world.

Scale according to your needs

Easily scale learning from an individual to enterprise level, extending the reach and scope of learning whenever it’s required.

“The Acendre Learning platform allowed AWC to convert a manual, cumbersome process into a streamlined and automated workflow that not only fully supports the training goals of our organisation, but also provides employees with the resources they need to do their jobs more effectively.”

Ahresty Wilmington Corporation

Unlock the potential of learning

Innovative features that support and enhance learning outcomes for businesses

  • Blended learning support
  • Schedule training and manage resources
  • Community walls and forums encourage collaboration
  • Personalised dashboards and widgets
  • Automated assessment, tracking and reporting
  • Powerful email communications
  • Secure payment gateways
  • Configurable discount codes
  • Mobile optimised
  • Multi-lingual

Are you looking for a solution to improve
learning effectiveness and engage employees?