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Six Tips for Recruiting Millennials

Did you know that Washington, D.C. is the best city for college graduates to start a career? It's true. A company named NerdWallet has crunched data related to the presence of educated peers, income, affordability and strength of the local workforce.... [+] Read More

Federal Recruitment Articles

Federal agencies face a myriad of challenges even beyond those of private sector organizations — retiring baby boomers, the new dynamics of millennial workers and challenges with hiring, engagement, retention and leadership development. Furthermore, continuing budgetary challenges show no signs of abating.

Overcoming these hurdles is paramount for agencies to achieve their missions and maximize workforce performance in the 21st century.

Acendre provides the only federalized integrated talent management system available today, with people analytics and reporting designed specifically for the unique needs of federal agencies. Our solution helps agencies securely find, hire, engage and develop high-quality and critical talent, while reducing costs, improving productivity and efficiencies and helping agencies achieve their missions.

See Acendre’s success with data-driven recruiting at USDA featured on ABC 7/News Channel 8’s Government Matters

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Designed to meet your specific challenges

Meet the federal government’s stringent security requirements

The need to recruit higher quality talent faster

Limited and unpredictable budgets

Retiring baby boomers

Engaging millennials

Developing your next generation of leaders

Ensuring exceptional career paths for your employees

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