Automating the Special, Complex Requirements of Federal Special-Hiring

Federal hiring is hard, and it’s even harder when additional complexities and challenges are added, such as:

  • Direct Hiring Authority
  • Post-Certificate processing
  • Merit Promotion
  • Critical talent shortages in areas such as:
    • cybersecurity
    • STEM
    • law enforcement
    • medical positions

Too many manual, error-prone processes. Too expensive. Too time-consuming.

Download a complimentary Federal Special-Hiring Toolkit and get the information you need to:

  • automate manual tasks
  • reduce costs
  • free up HR resources
  • hire high-quality talent
  • reduce time to hire
  • create a talent pool warehouse of top candidates.

The Federal Special-Hiring Toolkit is designed for federal agencies with special, challenging hiring needs.

Download your free toolkit today!

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