Talent Management Solutions for Healthcare

Acendre Healthcare Talent Management Solution

Healthcare is one of the most important sectors in any country, ensuring the health needs of each and every citizen is met. In order for your healthcare organisation to continue contributing to the wellbeing of the country, it’s essential that your department can attract, develop and retain a skilled workforce.

Selecting quality individuals with the right skills and experience for your organisation is one of the key challenges you face. However, relying on a one-size-fits-all Talent Management software can be risky, as the solution may not take into account the intricate complexities and needs of healthcare organisations.

Challenges in Talent Management in Healthcare

Acendre understands the unique challenges of healthcare Talent Management – and provides a flexible and configurable solution that can competently address them.

Dealing with a highly regulated environment

The healthcare industry is plagued by a skills shortage and an ageing workforce. Add in the complexity of regulatory mandates on who and how you can hire, and the process can feel overwhelming. Acendre delivers solutions specifically designed for regulated industries like healthcare. Our solutions are designed to help you automate the processes and workflows that you already have in place.

Hiring the right talent at the right time

Your recruitment processes should be enhanced by your talent management solution and not defined by it. With the battle for highly skilled healthcare talent at an all-time high, you need to stand out with a great candidate experience. Your talent management solution should help you significantly decrease the time to hire and increase new hire productivity.

Develop and retain the talent you have

The highest performing healthcare organisations have access to people analytics that help them manage current workforce demands while allowing them to plan for the future.

Whether your focus is upskilling current employees or succession planning for the future, Acendre will help you make the data-driven decisions that matter.

Accelerating talent selection and decreasing time to productivity are hallmarks of next-generation talent management solutions.

Flexible, Compliant and Secure

Acendre offers an integrated, cloud-based solution to enhance your healthcare organisation’s Talent Management practices.

The versatility of Acendre’s cloud software means it is highly configurable and flexible, and can be seamlessly integrated with your existing HR infrastructure.

Our technology is the tried and proven solution for the healthcare sector, and has long been helping organisations automate their HR processes and drive efficiency. Acendre’s solutions can streamline performance and learning, recruitment processes, onboard new hires in an efficient and automated manner, and help your organisation adhere to state-mandated performance management frameworks.

Our solutions can boost the readiness and time-to-productivity of your new staff, as well as identifying the development needs of your existing employees. Using advanced analytics and dashboards, the software understands and provides invaluable insights into all aspects of your workforce, easily developing frameworks to support holistic Talent Management.

Key Benefits

Acendre’s healthcare customers have seen a range of benefits, including but not limited to:

  1. Significant decrease in the time it takes to fill a position
  2. Standardization and automation of Talent Management processes across the organisation
  3. Increased insight into all aspects of talent for succession planning, development requirements, and data-driven decision making
  4. Significant improvement in efficiency