Acendre’s Recruitment solution helps efficiently source, screen and hire the best talent while reducing the cost of talent acquisition and time spent on manual administrative tasks. Unparalleled configurability supports workflows, and an intuitive interface enhances the candidate experience.


Flexible & Configurable

Unmatched configurability assists in improving hiring procedures. Create unique forms with user-defined data elements that support existing workflows

Workflow Capabilities

Adapts to workflows allowing you to tailor specifically to requirements and automate processes. Track every step of the approval workflow to provide transparency and accountability

Easy Integration

Enables you to quickly implement within your existing talent management system. Acendre APIs are designed to integrate with minimal effort through the Acendre Partner Cloud

Reporting & Analytics

Provides insights to improve the performance of your HR function. Easy-to-use dashboards and reports deliver information in real-time to create datadriven HR decisions

Candidate Short Listing

Automate and streamline shortlisting candidates to speed up candidate selection. Creation of certificates and selection reports is simplified to ensure hiring managers can focus on qualified candidates


Attract better qualified candidates
Enhance the candidate experience
Accelerate time to hire
Reduce the cost to hire