Insightful People Analytics without the Data Scientist Datasheet

Today’s workforce is key strategic component of organizational success, and it is no longer an option for HR to make human capital and talent decisions without the benefit of data, analysis and reporting.

Acendre People Analytics provides outof-the-box insight to HR specialists, line managers and executives, while also enhancing an organization’s online experience and interaction for candidates.

To reach their goals and achieve their missions, organizations need the best possible talent, as people are the foundation of everything they do. In today’s extremely competitive environment, the ability to recruit, retain, engage and develop employees is critical to long-term organizational success.

Acendre’s secure, cloud-based People Analytics helps you make better, faster, data-driven decisions across your workforce. It helps drive these decisions across core talent management components, providing unique insight into recruitment, onboarding, performance management, engagement and employee development

The Foundation for Your Talent Management

Acendre’s exclusive People Analytics is the driving force for the entire Acendre solution suite. People Analytics is a key strategic tool that provides ongoing, automated in-depth analysis of every aspect of your talent management system. It empowers HR professionals, hiring managers and executives with timely and reliable information that removes the guesswork from talent management and helps improve decision making.

Real-time updating means you always have the latest people information available for the most informed decisions possible.

People Analytics reports provide insight on everything from recruitment to onboarding, performance, engagement and development. Powerful user-defined dashboards deliver the information that your HR professionals need to do their job faster, more efficiently and proactively. For managers and executives, dashboards present data to guide strategic organizational and team decisions. Both tabular and graphical visualizations of important people data is at your fingertips.

Acendre People Analytics is built on an exclusive, proprietary data warehouse system for extracting, transforming and loading (ETL) data to provide robust and optimized human capital reporting capabilities. This data is reportable through the Acendre People Analytics dashboard, together with other federated data.

In-depth Organizational Insight in Seconds, Not Days

Acendre People Analytics removes the guesswork from your workforce decisions, helping you make better decisions. Whether you’re an executive making strategic decisions, an analytics professional looking to perform more in-depth analysis or an HR professional looking for insight on your specific tasks, Acendre People Analytics provides unprecedented and easy-to-use insight:

  • Fast report creation for senior executives
  • Simple drag-and-drop report creation and data visualization for all skill levels
  • Personalized dashboards to display important information at a glance
  • Shortened learning curve for report creation and consumption
  • Dozens of built-in calculated fields to simplify analysis
  • Enhanced access to data fields for in-depth analysis.

Imagine the power of providing sophisticated insight on your organization’s applicants, hiring, onboarding, performance, engagement and development that might be provided by a dedicated data scientist – without that data scientist.

People Data Insight

Acendre People Analytics provides you with an unparalleled level of detailed data analysis. Its comprehensive, rich data set means information on candidates as well as existing employees is available at the click of a mouse.

Powerful insight into information such as time-to-hire trends, hiring bottlenecks, top performers, best- and worst-performing teams, engagement levels and more results in decisions based on data rather than instinct. Geomapping provides a visual representation of applicants, hires and more by location. With Acendre’s out-of-the-box reports, you can obtain this insight quickly.

Extreme flexibility and configurability mean only the information important to or needed by individuals, teams or executives are made available. Searching through a mountain of data for just the information important to you is a thing of the past – results are tailored to what you need to see. Dashboards and reports – with your organization’s branding — can be broadcast to specific stakeholders on your organization’s chosen schedule.

People Analytics Checklist for Executives, Managers and HR Professionals Organizational Insight

Real-time analysis and reporting across all people data

  • Simple-to-use drag-and-drop report building for users of all experience levels
  • Built-in pre-calculated fields for simplified analysis
  • Wide range of information including: Recruiting data, hiring rates and trends, performance and engagement analysis, individual, team and organizational workforce insight, compliance analysis

Graphical People Views

  • Instant access to all your people data fields
  • Current details vacancies, applicants and hires
  • Historical details on vacancies, applicants and workflow
  • Geomapping displays people data according to locations

Personalized Dashboards

  • Tailored according to user-specific needs
  • Displays and highlights only relevant information and
    suggestions for executives, managers and staff Data-driven

Decision Making

  • Fast insight through graphs, charts, maps and visual timelines
  • Simple report building for novices or data analysis experts
  • Easily drill down from summary to detailed information
  • Proprietary ETL


  • Interactive presentation of  People Analytics to managers, teams and executives
  • Enhanced team collaboration
  • Distribution through built-in social network

Discussion and Collaboration

  • Built-in social network to collaborate / share information
  • Comment on reports to share insight
  • Annotate reports to comment on events that may influence data
  • Create discussions with others to collaborate and discuss content

Cloud-based People Analytics

  • Ensure latest software availability via Software-As-A-Service
  • Reports to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Secure data access & restrictions

Center of Excellence

  • Team of dedicated analytics experts and consultants
  • Ongoing introduction of new standard reports
  • Ongoing updates of new People Views