federal employee engagement - acendre solution overview

Acendre Performance — Engagement Solution Overview

Included with Acendre Performance, Acendre provides a full set of employee engagement dashboards to provide agencies’ executive, HR and management teams with insight to help all parties improve engagement and employee and organizational performance.

While the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) provides a high-level overview of employee engagement for each federal agency, it does not provide HR managers and leaders with actionable and detailed insight into the day-to-day engagement of their employees.

Imagine a new world of employee engagement, a world where:

  • Supervisors re empowered with informative employee engagement data, rather than waiting for an annual review
  • Employees provide input on their engagement levels
  • Agencies can measure engagement with 10 simple, behavior-based questions.

Acendre provides a robust solution that addresses FEVS shortcomings with numerous data points and assistance for your agency through extensive dashboards, including insight such as:

  • Individual-, team- and organizational-level engagement trends
  • Strengths and opportunities for improving engagement-related behaviors
  • Executive-level dashboards for regular updates on engagement data
  • Improved tracking of the impact of engagement related initiatives

This insight and more is provided through consultative and analytics solutions that include:

  • Identification of drivers of engagement and strategies for improvement
  • Strengths-based development programs
  • Improved employee career guidance
  • Guidance for improved employee-manager conversations about management
  • Organizational readiness and culture assessment to drive sustainable improvements
  • Executive coaching to equip managers and leaders with the ability to drive change

Engagement Insight Services

Acendre, in partnership with Management Concepts, provides consultative services tailored to individual agencies to help them understand, improve and maximize employee engagement. The services help agency employees, managers and executive leadership utilize the insight provided by the Acendre Employee Engagement solution to create actionable plans that drive sustained improvement in employee engagement.

Employee Engagement Specialists tailor a program to meet the specific needs of your agency. Our consultants help you transform your engagement metrics into meaningful analytics by helping you glean insight from your engagement data and trends. Our consultants work with agency teams to ensure they understand employee engagement and can create targeted interventions that enable sustained improvements.

The ultimate goal of this solution is to create new norms across the organization that improve engagement to push mission-driven organizational outcomes.

Understanding Your Engagement Data

Acendre Performance’s engagement capabilities enable organizations to collect, analyze, and report on an array of data to drive interventions to improve employee engagement and performance. The first step in using your available data is to map the data to your business context and strategy, and align the decisions you will make with the outcomes you desire. Our Employee Engagement Specialists will provide expert advice that helps you understand and apply your engagement data appropriately to target areas for improvement that will have the most impact on your strategic priorities.

Engagement Problem Identification

The engagement data we collect help identify areas of strength and opportunities for improving employee engagement. We work closely with your HR team, managers and leadership to pinpoint engagement problems and identify specific actions that can be taken to address those problems.

We augment quantitative data with additional measures of organizational culture and qualitative insights to help identify the root causes of flagging engagement and design improvement initiatives that address the underlying drivers. The result of these efforts is a roadmap that links improved employee engagement to targeted organizational performance outcomes and establishes the major activities and milestones for improvement activities.

Communications Planning and Execution Support

The foundational element of any intervention to improve employee engagement is clear and consistent messaging across the organization. Our Employee Engagement Specialists will work with stakeholders from across the organization to clearly articulate the themes and key messages to be shared with the workforce and develop a detailed plan that outlines the who, what, when and how for communicating engagement gaps and the efforts to improve them.

Performance Coaching

We provide certified executive coaches who work with your managers and executives to build their leadership capabilities to address engagement gaps within the organization. Executive coaches provide individualized development support to key leaders who will guide the organizational change and improvement efforts to increase engagement. Coaches work with leaders as they work towards identified goals providing the support participants require to drive organizational transformation through personal transformation.

Additionally, our Employee Engagement Specialists work with managers to build their coaching skills to improve their ability to have performance- and engagement-focused conversations. Improved performance conversations are key to improving engagement by making the connection between desired behaviors and the organization’s strategic priorities and providing the feedback and direction employees need to connect their personal goals with the goals of the organization. Through building the coaching skills of managers, we enable them to provide the guidance, feedback and direction their employees need to succeed and that the agency needs to meet mission requirements.

Organizational Change Management Support

Our specialists dive into the engagement data with your HR and executive teams to ensure your agency is ready to embrace the change that the data point to. Organizational change cannot be made in a vacuum, and we ensure your organization moves forward in the best manner possible, in a way that makes sense for your agency. This covers alignment at the individual, team and organizational level, while ensuring your agency’s desired results, goals and mission-focused outcomes are a priority. It also allows agencies to drive behaviors that will help them achieve their missions through the behavior and culture that is best for them.

Acendre Performance – Engagement Capabilities

Acendre equips agencies with a full set of employee engagement dashboards that dive deeply into employee engagement data and provide agencies’ executive, HR and management teams with insight to help all parties improve engagement and employee and organizational performance.

A few dashboards are provided here.

Engagement by Region Dashboard

The Acendre Engagement by Region Dashboard provides insight into how your agency is performing by geographical region. Leaders can use this data to track their engagement against similarly sized and focused agencies.

Engagement Rating Dashboards

Acendre Average Engagement Rating Dashboards provide insight into work unit ratings, by ratings cycle, for each question an agency asks in its agency-specific survey. With these reports, agencies can gain insight into engagement over the course of a year and determine whether employees’ engagement is improving or declining, and in which areas. Focus areas of engagement include:

  • Career prospects
  • Employee development
  • Internal networking
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Meeting participation
  • Peer mentoring
  • Special projects
  • Unscheduled absences
  • Workload

Linking Engagement to Performance

This report provides aggregate information and insight between engagement and performance. For example, you can identify information such as drops in engagement, even in top performers, to spot potential trouble spot before they become bigger problems.

Federal Employee Engagement – adding intelligence to your data

Attention to employee engagement for federal agencies has never been higher, and the FEVS receives scrutiny like never before. While this macro-level visibility is important and helps give agencies important information, the FEVS data lack timeliness and critical specificity that can best help agencies improve engagement levels.

About Acendre

Acendre is a worldwide leader in secure cloud-based talent management software. The company’s solutions address the unique needs of organizations that require a high level of configurability to manage complex workflows and interoperability challenges. Acendre serves both public and private sectors, including Government, Education, Healthcare & Community Services, Utilities and Mining. With offices in three continents, the company’s solutions are deployed in over 200 organizations around the globe, including almost 100 federal agencies, helping these organizations recruit, engage, retain and develop their employees to improve workforce performance. A recipient of numerous awards and with almost 400,000 users, Acendre processes over two million resumes a year and over two million transactions every week.


About Management Concepts

Management Concepts is the nation’s premier provider of professional development, performance improvement, and human capital solutions for the public sector. Founded in 1973, we have collaborated with and supported every major agency in the Federal government, unleashing the potential of more than one million individuals and enhancing the performance of teams and organizations.

Our professionals are experienced in improving organizational performance through people-focused solutions for human capital, organizational change, and workforce development challenges faced by federal organizations. Our experience combines our foundational understanding of federal agencies and the federal workforce with expertise in employee engagement, organizational culture, and learning to deliver sustained improvements in engagement to drive performance, increase retention, and improve mission-critical outcomes.


Acendre’s cloud-based performance management system is designed for federal agencies – with input from and through partnerships with federal agencies. By working closely with federal HR leaders and federal performance management experts, we’ve built a federal performance management system for today’s federal government that also meets stringent federal security requirements.

Call for a personalized demo today and let us show you how we can help you and your agency improve employee engagement, while meeting the new federal requirements of maximizing employee performance and ensuring a high-performing agency.

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Acendre’s federal workforce solutions and team of federal talent management experts is ready to help you now on your journey toward meeting the new OMB directives.

Acendre Performance, with our exclusive People Analytics, is helping federal agencies elevate their workforces today through these measures:

  • Improving employee engagement and morale
  • Eliminating paper work
  • Automating and speeding the federal performance review process
  • Aligning individual performance with agency mission
  • Linking individual performance to agency performance
  • Improving productivity
  • Saving money