Talent Analytics Software

Acendre Talent Analytics provides insight to improve the performance of your Human Resources function. Easy-to-use dashboards and reports deliver information in real-time, providing a unified view of your talent data and empowering you to make important decisions based on the data collated – not guesswork. Transform your organisation by making your data the driver of efficiency and effectiveness.


Migrate from spreadsheets to a modern analytics platform
Replace legacy
HR applications
Embed analytics into your HR workflows



Create a data-driven approach to decision making throughout HR


Build a data culture and increase user adoption by enabling all your stakeholders to engage with and collaborate with data


Drive the data process to identify every critical change to your workforce and notify users immediately


Use data to create innovative processes that solve problems and provide new value to your business


Move from rows of numbers to charts that tell a deeper story and highlight what you need to know


Capture essential HR data such as time to hire, application volumes, diversity statistics, job advertising and candidate sourcing


Easy-to-use drag-and-drop report builder
Visually display reports with multiple chart type options
Extensive report templates
Build personalised dashboards for snapshot reporting
Custom filters and drill through reports
Automation and scheduling of broadcast reports