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How to close the cybersecurity talent gap

With the launch of the first-ever Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Strategy earlier this year, the U.S. government will go on a major hiring spree. After landing 3,000 new cybersecurity and IT professionals in the first six months of the current fiscal year, agencies want to bring... [+] Read More

Five minutes with… Karen Evans APAC managing director, Acendre

Human resource professionals should be acting as an advisory mechanism to managing directors, enabling them to run their businesses and staff effectively. It’s important to build these direct relationships with business leaders, in order to develop a detailed understanding of where the business is going... [+] Read More

Why leaders must prioritise keeping their team happy

“I am a big believer in really looking at the people within your team and finding out what they are particularly strong at,” said Karen Evans, Acendre’s APAC Managing Director. “It’s really about creating a team of people who may effectively be doing the same... [+] Read More

How smart onboarding can futureproof your business

Recruitment can be particularly stressful for employers and employees, despite both parties aiming to make the process as seamless as possible. It can also be challenging to ensure working relationships start off on the right foot.... [+] Read More

3 reasons learning should be in every job description

The element of learning is present in every job, some more prominent than others. Learning is often focused on new employees, who require guidance and training in order to assimilate into their new roles. However, a large number of organisations prematurely move away from their... [+] Read More