How to Keep Millennials from Leaving

Millennials currently comprise more than a third of the American labor force, making them the largest generation in the workplace. This generational cohort has several distinguishing characteristics: they are more diverse, less religious, and more open minded than preceding ones. They are also the generation... [+] Read More

Components of a Powerful Performance Management Process Checklist

To succeed in today’s fiercely competitive business environment, an organization needs to keep employees’ work and professional development aligned with its strategic objectives. Implementing a performance management process will help you to establish and maintain that alignment so that your employees develop skills and knowledge... [+] Read More

It’s Game Time: How to Go for Your Goals

A Sports Team Analogy on Talent Acquisition: Step 2 The previous post discussed how to identify strong players for your team. Now it’s time to discuss how to help them achieve your organization’s goals. When your team goes to work, it’s game time. And with every... [+] Read More

How to Use a Learning Management System to Improve the Employee Experience


Industries’ technologies and business practices are constantly evolving. Hiring new employees with updated knowledge and skills have become increasingly difficult over the last decade, and experts expect the talent shortage to worsen. As a result, training employees is essential for an organization to be competitive... [+] Read More

What Organizations Can Learn From Software Development

Otto Berkes is a developer-turned-CEO of Acendre, Inquisiq and Vacancy Filler. In this blog, he shares how his time as a software engineer shaped his current approach to business and organizational success—and how you can apply those same strategies at your company.   If you’ve... [+] Read More

5 tips for building high-performance cultures in a virtual environment

While 2020 proved that large-scale remote working is a viable option, it also became clear that implementing technology for remote working is the easy part. For HR leaders, the real challenges are engaging and motivating remote employees as well as maintaining key attributes of a... [+] Read More

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