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How regular feedback can improve L&D

A recent Gallup report highlighted that millennial employees want more feedback, though only 15% routinely ask for it. Another study by Zenger/Folkman found that 57% of people would actually prefer to receive constructive over positive feedback. A further 92% agreed that, if given appropriately, constructive... [+] Read More

The key trends challenging L&D professionals in 2017

With the proliferation of technology driving personalised, collaborative, social learning, eLearning, organisations are working out ways to adapt to dramatic shifts in learners’ lifestyles, expectations, and learning environments. However, while organisations focus on key areas such as upskilling and employee retention, there are several L&D... [+] Read More

How coaching enhances employee performance

Coaching was once just a luxury for executives but is now being extended to employees at all levels of the organisation for developmental purposes. And it’s paying off. Continuous coaching and feedback has been shown to not just improve employee engagement and performance but lift... [+] Read More

HR and IT: A Partnership Poised to Protect Federal Cyber Systems

If the 2015 Office of Personnel Management breach has taught us anything, it’s hackers love to target federal HR departments—with a treasure trove of Social Security numbers, payroll data, email addresses and employee identification information contained within their systems... [+] Read More

Federal Hiring Freeze Puts Performance Management in the Spotlight

The federal hiring freeze is on, and federal human resources leaders are sifting through the details to determine how it applies to their agency. But in terms of a long-term personnel strategy, many of these details are only somewhat important. The real story is how... [+] Read More

Federal Drive — Data analytics can be key to agency hiring

Data analytics is one technique with the potential to help managers deal with their workforce concerns. Cloud-based talent management software firm Acendre shares some of the findings on the company’s list of Human Capital trends to watch for in 2017 with Federal News Radio’s Eric... [+] Read More