New Zealand Fire Service Case Study

The New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS) is a technologically advanced, responsive fire service that has around 62,000 callouts per ear. There are close to 500 stations throughout New Zealand, with over 1,700 career and 8,000 volunteer fire fighters who dedicate themselves to preventing fires and protecting the communities that they live in from the dangers of fire.

Business Challenge

Prior to implementing Acendre Recruitment, NZFS hired more than 1,300 career and volunteer employees annually using manual recruiting processes that were time consuming, disorganised and inefficient. At times these processes even resulted in data transfer errors with some data being lost completely. This was a major inefficiency for the organisation and was restricting their visibility of hiring costs and available talent, preventing them from managing a long-term talent pool. In addition to this, NZFS was faced with a weakened employer brand as a result of poor candidate communications within the hiring process.

Partnering with Acendre

NZFS realized it needed a solution from a reputable organisation and fast. It went out to market to partner with a Talent Management software provider that understood the requirements of high integrity organisations that needed to adhere to strict Government procurement policy, while taking into consideration security requirements and maintaining high ethical standards.

After a thorough research and selection process, Acendre was chosen as its preferred supplier. Acendre Recruitment was then adopted to manage their recruitment needs.

Acendre Recruitment’s main selling point was its user interface and the Activity Scheduler module. NZFS’s National Recruitment Manager David Utumapu discussed, “ Acendre Recruitment’s look and feel is sensational and Acendre was the only vendor that could supply an activity scheduling tool of that magnitude.”

Minimising frustration and improving brand reputation

Acendre Recruitment has allowed NZFS to minimise candidate and staff frustration by reducing human errors. “Since implementing Acendre Recruitment we have experienced the smoothest and most effective round of interviews ever. Moving our candidates though the hiring process has been amazingly easy,” David said.

The Acendre Recruitment Activity Scheduler module has also saved NZFS a huge amount of time. “Within days of implementing Acendre Recruitment, I scheduled 108 interviews over 18 different days in 10 different locations and it only took me two hours. Before Acendre Recruitment, this was a two week process,” David added.

NZFS is also loving Acendre Recruitment’s intuitive interface. David noted that staff using the old manual recruitment system had to be experts in the process, which took days or in some cases weeks of training to get new staff up to speed. With Acendre Recruitment, David is now confident that anyone within or new to the organization could pick it up in hours. David also credits Acendre Recruitment with helping improve its employer brand and communicating with candidates. “The feedback I’ve received is that candidates feel very secure in our hiring process. It’s great to see that Acendre Recruitment is eliminating scheduling errors and helping us to improve our reputation.”