The President’s Management Agenda & How it Will Affect the Federal Workforce

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Acendre’s Answer for the President’s Management Agenda’s New Federal Human Resource Strategy

The federal workforce will be facing some significant changes in the next year, driven by the President’s Management Agenda (PMA) to modernize that workforce into a higher-performing, optimally-sized one that will meet the needs and expectations of the American people. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) have already put together the first roadmap for implementing the White House’s workforce goals, with a focus on three key goals:

  • improving employee performance management and engagement
  • re-skilling and redeploying human capital resources
  • enabling simple and strategic hiring practices.

While the roadmap clearly lays out the objectives, agencies nevertheless will be challenged to achieve them without help.

The problems with today’s lagging federal workforce stem from aging technology infrastructure, disconnected data and an outmoded civil service framework. Much of the government is dragged down by costly, inflexible and insecure legacy systems. These outdated systems prevent agencies from improving their workflow processes, consolidating systems and data and implementing true workforce and organizational reform.

The key to realizing the needed transformation is the innovative use of modern technology to inject flexibility, reliability and interoperability into the human resource processes. That’s what Acendre’s federal human capital strategy is all about, and our cloud-based talent management solutions are the tools that will enable you to execute that strategy, as we work alongside numerous agencies to help the government modernize its workforce.

The larger goal for improving employee performance management is to streamline the processes of embracing accountability, rewarding top performers and speeding up the hiring process for all federal workers, including senior executives. Unfortunately, most agencies don’t have the tools to effectively quantify federal workforce performance to meet this directive because they are not utilizing people analytics, which entails a data-driven approach to managing people at work.

OPM Director Jeff Pon recognizes that OPM’s “paper-driven” personnel data systems are “clunky, not very efficient, not very streamlined and not very data-driven.” Data is important, though, because it provides actionable insight to managers and gives agencies the information they need to understand what makes people join, stay and succeed in their agencies.

How do Acendre’s talent management solutions support the PMA?

Acendre’s cloud-based management solutions support the President’s Management Agenda by innovatively using modern human resource technology that ensures interoperability among all users and aligns with the efforts by the federal government agencies to move to the cloud. This includes Acendre People Analytics, which underpins all solutions. The ability to discern and correct all processes, while putting analytics in the hands of all stakeholders, is critical for agencies to operate efficiently and compete in a future in which you need to do more with less. These are some of the important aspects of the solution:

  • Executive and operational oversight: Provides insightful yet easy-to-read dashboards – in a completely paperless environment – with robust analytics and reports to help senior executives and managers make better, faster decisions to improve hiring, onboarding, performance management, engagement, retention and employee development, while reducing costs and improving efficiencies across agencies. Dashboards and reports are also available to HR departments to help make improvements to all aspects of HR operations.
  • Real-time analysis and reporting across all your people data. Whether a manager is seeking to gain insight into top performers, which recruitment techniques are working best or who the most-engaged employees are, the data is readily available to those who need it.
  • Accessible and easy to use. Both technical and non-technical users can simply drag and drop elements through an easy-to-use interface to create powerful dashboards and reports to gain insight into the information that’s important to them.

OPM stated in its strategic plan that to realize a high-performing workforce, agencies should review and ensure they are taking advantage of modern, secure, cloud-based technology that can quickly adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of the federal workforce. Acendre’s cloud-based talent management solution and federal human capital strategy can help agencies do just that.

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