Provide Success with Data: The Big Win

A Sports Team Analogy on Talent Acquisition: Step 5

Designed with focus, the blueprint for improved talent acquisition has a layered step approach that provides success for the entire human resource community. This five-step approach allows for quality talent management through better data analysis. Data analysis from each step, including talent acquisition, hiring process reviews, employee evaluations, engagement and development provides a solid game plan to achieve organizational goals and winning projects.

The final layer to this talent management game plan is to provide detailed reports, analysis and accurate evaluations. The ability to have critical data and use it effectively adds to the vital piece every human resource team member brings to their organization. To further discussions based solely on subjective data may lead to overvaluing mediocrity. Focused reports, skilled analysis, and evaluations will provide a strong foundation for a multi-layered blueprint for any successful business model.


Generating reports that provide decision makers with useable data and key performance indicators enhances the overall perspective of any team’s talent management. Finding areas of strength and weakness enables a whole team approach. This report is the critical support for a sound business model. Having a program which allows talent management to tailor reports to their organization provides a more detailed and focused effort.


Advanced metrics and analysis add shape and structure to the winning team effort. Utilizing all the layers of the blueprint game plan can provide unique analysis for the team efforts and create organizational successes. Concrete data needs to be carefully reviewed to ensure that adequate development is made in the building process. Business-specific talent management programs provide the ability to utilize data metrics skillfully for team success analysis.

Predictive Analytics

Focused analytics with future insight make the team competitive and vital to the future success of the organization. Predictive analytics offers a timely way to understand what processes are required for continued growth and prosperity. Scoring the winning point is only good for a single game. It is essential that the talent management team has the ability to look at and develop new plays for future sustainable wins.

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Step 4:Bridge the Gap

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