IBM Teams with Acendre to Launch a New Era of Smarter Hiring

Acendre partners with IBM

The next generation of hiring solutions is here.

Smarter hiring from the combined power of Acendre Recruitment and IBM.

The Power of Two – Acendre and IBM

Acendre and IBM Kenexa have teamed to form a partnership that helps organizations not only reduce time to hire and costs but also improve the quality of hires, with greater assurance that new hires will succeed for the long term.

The partnership melds Acendre Recruitment with IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments. Acendre Recruitment provides the world’s most secure, interoperable and configurable talent acquisition solution, including intuitive dashboards and reports. IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments adds to the hiring capabilities with powerful assessment capabilities.

Hire Faster, Smarter – and for Long-Term Success

In today’s brutal fight for talent, your organization needs every advantage it can muster, including:

  • Finding the right talent faster, and guided by data
  • Hiring assessments powered by AI
  • Confidence in the hires you make with results to predict fit and performance
  • Predicting performance with proven, valid and legally defensible assessments rooted in behavioral science.

Acendre’s powerful, configurable workflow engine is now bolstered with IBM Kenexa’s 1,200-plus mobile-responsive Employee Assessments that are reinforced by over 30 years of behavioral science expertise backed by I/O psychologists.

With the Acendre-IBM Kenexa smarter hiring solution, you receive:

  • Exclusive federalized hiring solution, built for and in partnership with federal agencies
  • SaaS-compliant solution that meets U.S. government cloud security standards (FedRAMP Authorized)
  • Recruitment with a fully integrated workflow and rules engine that delivers the right information to the right stakeholder at the right time
  • Complete configurability that supports your agency’s unique hiring and selection processes
  • Employee Assessments based on behavioral science techniques to measure:
    • abilities
    • traits
    • behavior and personality
    • cultural fit
    • skills.

Furthermore, your organization can now embrace new tools to help you:

  • predict executive performance
  • assess functional behavior of candidates
  • sift through talent pools to assess candidate skills
  • build proven, valid, and legally defensible assessments
  • easily match assessments to your specific jobs
  • assess the whole person to predict fit and performance.

A new era of faster, smarter hiring solutions is here.

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