How to Use a Learning Management System to Improve the Employee Experience


An effective learning environment can be the foundation and future of a successful business model. Many employers find that with the help of a learning management system (LMS), training and development is a value-added to employers and to the employee experience. The learning principles in training and development look at conditions conducive to the learner and to the message being delivered.

Employee training and development has been proven to increase the employee knowledge base, inoculate important skills, and help with overall job performance. Learning is a hot topic and ensures employees they will stay relevant and at the forefront in their field. For employers, an LMS is a cost-effective way to efficiently train, track, and report all areas of training or learning for every employee consistently.

As the workforce transforms, so does the way employees learn. Regardless of rank, training is required at all levels of employment. In many cases, mandatory organization-wide training may be required by law, to fulfill compliance regulations.

On demand learning is how it all comes together. Perhaps, the best thing about an LMS, is the ability to learn anywhere, anytime on demand. Learning can take place from the airport, a desk at the office, a booth at the coffee shop or at home when the kids are asleep. This kind of flexibility gives learners the ownership and accountability to schedule and complete training at meaningful and productive times for them. As workers take on the initiative to learn, they enhance their employee experience and build confidence and trust in their employer.

Learning principles in training and development start with the trainers understanding how employees learn. Even more important, managers, supervisors, and HR leaders should also understand how their teams learn and the current learning trends in the industry. When managers and supervisors understand the learning process, they can better analyze performance and productivity for employee reviews.

Key learning principles for employee engagement:

  • Understand the process of learning.
  • Grasp the impact of experience.
  • Avoid information overload.
  • Ask for honest feedback.

Often employees are expected to learn concepts by memorizing data, listening to verbal instructions, or take detailed notes for future reference. Learning should be an active process. For instance, learners should be asked to summarize key takeaways by way of verbal assessment or in writing. Understanding the process of learning enables all involved to stay on the same page before, during, and after the training takes place.

Learning principles in training and development are influenced by past knowledge and experience. People perceive things comparatively to experiences they’ve had in the past. If the student has experience or knowledge, learning the same information may not have the same affect on someone with whom the concept is new. While seasoned learners grasp the impact of experience, they tend to reject new concepts. 

Training can frustrate participants if too much information is shared at once. When overwhelmed, learners will disengage and become discouraged. To get the most from the LMS investment, enable learners to learn complex topics by breaking them down into smaller segments. Microlearning is a technique that helps trainers avoid information overload.

Reactions to learning topics, delivery, and content are essential to training and learning success. Feedback should be considered the instructors and educators best friend. Extremely important, constructive criticism provides room for growth and flexibility. Listen carefully to what learners need, it may be disguised in the form of a complaint. After each training session, ask for honest feedback, no matter how hard it may be to hear.

Employees who receive training and apply what they learn are unquestionably the most important asset of any organization. Better yet, when you can track and report learning with an LMS, the value of the entire organization goes up. Take a virtual tour of the Acendre learning management system and see firsthand how to enhance your workforce.


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