How Enterprise HR Tech Can Drive Workforce Reform

Acendre: Pioneers in People Analytics — Steering Federal Workforce Reforms

Throughout history, pioneers have been everyday people doing their jobs. However, with a passion for their ideas and persistence to push boundaries, they brought to light a new world. These pioneers are considered innovators in their field, always willing to try new things. Pioneers encompass boldness, vision, persistence, creativity and a passion for the quest that drives them.

Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier.

General Chuck Yeager was a World War II fighter pilot ace who was the first person to break the sound barrier. He was a pioneer in supersonic flight and trained the astronauts of the Gemini, Apollo, and Mercury missions. He exemplifies the definition of a pioneer in his field. His passion for flying and the courage to push the limits of what had never been done before were elemental for a nation entering the space race.

General Yeager believes that “you don’t concentrate on risks. You concentrate on results. No risk is too great to prevent the necessary job from getting done.” Once given the task, he worked to complete it. It was not based on what risks or challenges lied ahead, but how and what would be required to get the results.

General Yeager focused on results as a quantitative analytic that was used to measure progress. This progress pushed us through the space race and a world of faster technological advances that the world had never imagined. Progress is an ever-evolving goal, allowing the establishment of new initiatives and continuation of modern systems.

The workforce balance within non-governmental structures has adapted and optimized itself by implementing newer strategic workforce management. To rethink the federal workplace, you must take the current system and push the boundaries to advance your idea. Break with the norm and push to excel.

OPM’s federal workforce goals

Over the next five years, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has set forth to strategically and tactically implement federal workforce reform. Its goal is to ensure that federal agencies can utilize human resource technology to increase productivity, enhance talent management, and facilitate greater interoperability.

Many current federal performance management systems are inefficient, manual, paper-driven and not streamlined enough to provide agencies with the effective, insightful performance management they need. Recruitment systems have not utilized analytics effectively. Reward assessments have been based on a government scale, not on individual analytics. Interagency management has created blockades in the system that do not allow for optimal results. The federal workforce reform that has been set forth by the current administration focuses on accountability, maximizing employee performance and results. 

Modern HR technology

Modern recruitment tools can broaden the workforce pool. Enhanced systems will enable agencies to prioritize qualified candidates with more efficiency and develop them as they become employees. Enhanced recruitment and strategic performance management tools will guide the best and the brightest to the forefront.

By creating interoperable systems communicating with various agencies and systems, human resource management teams can build a stronger, more viable, workforce. Interagency communication and data analysis will encourage growth and strengthen the talent pool. A strong workforce always prioritizes its resources and puts people first.

Clear results pushed a man to break the sound barrier and propel a nation into space.  Similarly, precise results in people analytics will propel federal agencies to achieve new successes. Secure, cloud-based technology that supports human resource management will allow federal agencies to attract, hire, retain, and encourage a high-performing workforce. By using individual analytics, agencies have a higher accountability for success.

As a pioneer in people analytics, Acendre has emerged as a leader in federal human resources technology. Acendre has developed modern tools to replace legacy systems with secure, cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) talent management solutions. Acendre enables federal agencies to recruit, retain and reward a high-performing workforce. Acendre is pushing the boundaries of current expectations to help reform the federal workforce and propel it into a modern, effective and innovative resource.

Like pioneers of the past, Acendre is taking steps to leverage innovation and advance enterprise HR technology to support the federal workforce initiatives for human resource executives.

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