Hiring Excellence: Mission Priority for Federal Workforce Management

Hiring Excellence Campaign for Federal Workforce

The federal Hiring Excellence Program is proving to be impactful on the current federal workforce landscape. As human resource management strategists, your mission to hire excellence is defined by the successful implementation of this strategy.

It is mission critical to get the right person in the job. The best qualified would be the one whose skills best compliment the job requirements and balances the needs of the overall team. We continually look for ways to improve talent acquisition and develop a highly qualified, diverse applicant pool, so the best and brightest can be selected.

The federal workforce has focused its mission to ensure that the government is hiring excellent people. In 2016, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM)) launched a new hiring campaign assuring federal agencies that their hiring practices will seek out the highest qualified applicants. Hiring Excellence has provided key tools and solutions to hire and develop a keenly talented, adeptly skilled federal workforce. From the inception of the 2016 initiatives to today, the program has grown and allowed agencies to prioritized key actions for the fiscal years 2017, 2018 and beyond. View the Acendre OMB Federal Workforce Reform and Modernization Timeline Infographic.

The Hiring Excellence mission provides strategic collaboration between supervisors and human resource specialists to allow for active involvement for the decision makers in each step of the process. Hiring Excellence HR Specialists can meet the critical needs of their “customers” by providing substantive consultation service and advice throughout the process.

By providing primary focus areas, the Hiring Excellence campaign improves strategic recruitment and onboarding to reach a diverse and qualified applicant pool. Employment data is utilized to tailor workforce planning. The federal hiring process has created relevant hiring authorities that allow for a diversified talent pool. Recruits can specifically tailor their applications based on enhanced job announcements.  USAJOBS.gov can offer clear, concise and captivating position descriptions to enhance any agency’s talent management accessibility.

As the federal workforce looks to the future, the Hiring Excellence process continues to improve, as agencies optimize recruitment for top talent management.

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