Free COVID-19 and Pandemic Planning eLearning Modules Now Available

Since my last blog was posted, the world has been up-ended by the spread of the coronavirus. I happened to be on a tour of Acendre’s global operations in the US, India, and Australia at the time, and I was able to get back to the US just before most of the world’s borders were closed and many countries entered lockdown to control the accelerating spread of the virus.

As all this was unfolding while I was traveling, I was struck by the critical importance of education, and giving people the right tools to understand and cope with COVID-19 in their personal and professional lives.  I was also struck by how much focus there was on numbers and the complex mathematics of this public health crisis. That focus shifts attention away from concrete steps we can take and information we can use to slow down and even prevent the spread of the virus. Since Acendre is the provider of a leading-edge eLearning platform, I felt there was something we could do to help provide COVID-19 learning support to our customers, partners, employees, and even the general public.

I huddled with my team, reached out to our content partners EJ4 in the US and GO1 in Australia, and hatched a plan to provide free COVID-19 training modules using our Asentia Learning Management System. The team executed the plan in just a few days, working long hours and over the weekend. The learning module includes courses ranging from information on the virus itself, how to stay safe, and business continuity factors to consider during this time.

Everyone’s trying to find ways to help their communities in this global crisis, and our company is fortunate to have available technology to support COVID-19 education as well as partners willing to share the learning content itself. But our company’s desire to help doesn’t end with digital technology. In Australia, for example, our teams there are volunteering their technical and sewing skills to support Rona Scrubs – an effort to ensure that healthcare workers have the “scrubs” (loose fitting medical outfits) they need to protect themselves as they are removing their personal clothing from the chain of infection.

More to come on all of this, but in the meantime, I hope you are all staying safe. We will only get through this together by helping each other out.


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