Bridge the Gap: Mid- and Post-Season Evaluations

A Sports Team Analogy on Talent Acquisition: Step 4

It was a successful matchup, and the best team has taken home the trophy. Now it is time to re-evaluate and take a minute to examine your game plan. The team may still be in the clubhouse celebrating its season, but this is the critical moment to ensure there is a quality action plan in place for the future. Do you have the technology in play to maximize potential? Are there gaps in talent as your superstars look toward retirement or if they were to leave unexpectedly? Is there a plan in the playbook that can match what future offenses will be developing?

Talent Pool

Any major league team knows that in order to have a strong season, the talent strength starts with a solid foundation. Utilizing cloud programs allow your talent managers to ensure continued success with all team players. They can maintain strong connections given the ability to maintain quality opportunities for growth and still meet the organization’s operational expectations. The human resources team can ensure they are scoring a home run with continued quality training, development of growth opportunities and establishing measurable expectations.

Play Efficiency

What is the process to recruit, analyze, develop and build teams? Is the process effective in cultivating the best team possible? Is there a moment where the team growth and maturation factor slows to a halt? How can we make it easier for the managers and the team players? Analyze resources to make sure the return on investment is at its highest value. Look to current plans to ensure you have the best players ready to make the next strategic move for your organization in the most effective and efficient ways.


It is critical to be considering and looking at technology. How can new technology make the team more cohesive, and can it also make transitions smoother and the overall objective more attainable? Professional organizations look at technology to provide them with the competitive advantage over their opponents. They have teams of people in place who study players’ movements on the field to ensure they are getting the highest efficiency for the play they are making. Factors of being on a winning or losing team can be just fractions of inches and minute adjustments. If you can adeptly use technology to simplify your processes, then you can utilize your time and resources more effectively.

Audit – Rethink the playbook

The crucial element in mid-season and post-season evaluations is the audit. This examination is the chance to analyze and rethink the playbook. Are the elements in management, people, process and technology working together efficiently and effectively? A playbook audit will help develop a clear picture of your talent management assets. The human resources team should regularly monitor its work as an element of compliance. Compliance auditing is essential as it relates to strategic organizational priorities. The talent management team should be auditing as it relates to salary competitiveness, guidance for company policies and company understanding of employee demographics and diversity initiatives. A quality review enhances talent management, department growth, and overall organizational blueprint.

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Step 3:
Program Reality Check

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