5 Ways Online Performance Appraisals Help Talent Management

The Building Process: How Online Performance Appraisals Enhance Workforce Management

Imagine your performance review process is like building a retaining wall. You are defining your space, allowing for growth, adding detail and making something that will last. You could merely stack bricks one on top of the other, but even with mortar, the wall will only hold for a very brief time. This tower of stacked bricks would be the simple pattern of just holding an annual review and accumulating year after year together. Growth potential gets settled at the bottom, and the simplicity of this minimal system allows for unforeseen biases in appraisals.

By moving to automated online performance appraisals, you can layer the information, creating a stronger base for your organization. This process allows you to see anomalies in reviews, review the depth of your talent base and project for future potential. The online performance assessment would be akin to staggering the bricks while creating a wall. By building in a staggered pattern, the wall your team engineers will last for years.

Become the architect to engineering a performance review process for a strong foundation within your organization. Each brick does not represent just an employee, but the process which allows for quality performance reviews. Each layer is supported to create a masterpiece when properly set together.

Let’s dive into our building terminology:

Staggered mortar lines and strong courses
By using year-round journaling and feedback rather than the traditional annual review process, your team acquires immediate and timely feedback. The online performance appraisal allows enhanced layering and get more immediate results and improvement throughout your organization. Waiting for an annual review helps less with applicable and needed skills and improvement, and often references past performance results, which are not reflective of a changing skill set. Courses are the rows and rows of staggered bricks. They are the building blocks but cannot stand alone.

Interlock and set
Utilizing 360 reviews allows each part of the team to get a clearer picture of what the team is engineering and what each team member’s role is. The multi-rater process also improves overall assessment standings and helps eliminate biases because reviews are averaged out. This 360 performance review process provides a platform for those who feel their voices are not otherwise heard.

Consistent mortar joints
Mortar is what holds the bricks together. The mortar can be set in different ways, but it must be consistent throughout the brick laying process. Consistency in benchmarking and calibration throughout the appraisal process is essential. It provides consistency across departments and teams and allows for better communication and support throughout the organization.

Use a level
The most important tool we have when setting our bricks is a level. You must use it for each course and use it frequently. Using the level is how you will find if one piece is out of alignment. Consistent monitoring of the performance review process, or using a level, give reviewers a chance to see anomalies. Anomalies will stick out and can be addressed before they become a set part of the organization’s makeup. Anomalies such as gender, social, and ethnic biases will stand out and can be addressed.

Design in Details
In becoming the architect of this new plan, you can utilize patterns and customization to make your system work for you. Online performance assessments allow for custom appraisal templates to be built, creating a stronger system. Sturdy designs will build solid teams and eliminate inherent biases. Something as simple as shifting wording for automated scales can improve talent management. A traditional scale of meeting expectations or exceeding expectations can be modified to goal setting, goal started and goal completed. This modification will get a more unobstructed view of the whole talent group.

Let us show you how to be the architect of building and designing a better performance review process – and enhanced talent management. Contact us today.

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