Acendre Federal Human Capital Strategy Guide Navigating OMB’s Workforce Reform

The government is focused on ensuring that the federal government attracts, hires and retains a highly-skilled workforce. The administration believes that IT modernization, data, accountability and a reformed workforce will help accomplish these goals.

Acendre provides secure, cloud-based modern software solutions that ensure tight alignment between the administration’s goals, as well as OPM and OMB goals, and the technology needed to accomplish them.

The President’s Management Agenda states:

“ To achieve a 21st century workforce, the government needs to do a better job of end-to-end strategic workforce management. It needs to look at work in a different way – assessing what our key missions and outcomes are and understanding how we can best align the workforce to meet those needs, particularly through the administration’s lens of using IT modernization to drive increasing efficiency, effectiveness and transparency.”

Acendre has successfully completed a third-party audit for FedRAMP authorization via an accredited third-party assessment organization (3PAO). The assessment resulted in a favorable Security Assessment Report (SAR) that recommended authorization for Acendre’s Software as a Service (SaaS) integrated talent management solution deployed in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Federal Performance Automation Podcast 

“A first step is getting a tool in place that will allow you to measure your workforce’s performance so that you can make decisions,” advises Sean Osborne.

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Acendre Performance

Robust employee engagement dashboards provide insight to executives, HR and management teams

Engagement insight and frequency beyond what the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey provides

Empowers supervisors with ongoing informative engagement data

Lets employees provide input on their engagement levels

Federal agencies can measure engagement with 10 simple, behavior-based questions

Federal engagement insight services, including performance coaching, communications planning and execution support